MWLN Core Team

Core Team

This network is led by a core team. We are practitioners. We are in the trenches day in and day out leading worship in multicultural environments. We are on staff in churches from small to large, and also lead parachurch



As a network we love to see new material such asĀ albums, books, videos, and other resources produced to equip and encourage multicultural worship leaders as they plan creative services. Here’s a few resources we’ve been a part of creating: Multicultural


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BOOK: Worship Together

Brand New Book: Worship Together

  We love to do life and ministry together. As a result core team members Nikki Lerner and Josh Davis have teamed up to write the brand-new book, Worship Together In Your Church As In Heaven. ā€œMulticultural is more than

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Nikki continually calls us towards repentance and reconciliation among ethnicities, genders, and status in ways that inspire our church to reflect the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jonathan Williams Senior Pastor, Forefront NYC