Josh Davis (Core Team)Josh calls himself a multicultural mutt. On the outside, he looks simple enough. But, you can’t tell by looking at him that he spent some of his most formative years in the Dominican Republic and has some serious Latino in him. Josh speaks English, Spanish and ASL, and prefers Black Gospel and Hindi worship music.

He has been in worship leadership in a Baptist Church, a non-denominational church, a United Methodist church, and a Mennonite Charismatic church. Josh is a worship leader, speaker, ordained minister, and a prolific songwriter.

He founded Proskuneo Ministries in 2001, and currently serves as the Director. In the last 10 years, Josh has traveled extensively, led worship in upwards of 20 languages, and recorded numerous cd’s. Josh’s heart’s desire is to see the Kingdom of God come on earth as it is in heaven. Josh and his wife, Jennifer, live in the town of Clarkston, GA (where 60+ languages are spoken in a 1 mile radius!) with their four children.

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